Equine Centre Site Assistant


To assist Redwings Horse Sanctuary by providing your time to carry out pre-agreed tasks which support the charity in achieving its purpose and mission.


Below is a description of the type of tasks that you may undertake during your placement;


  • General housekeeping duties to include tidying and sweeping the yard
  • Mucking out stables
  • Filling hay nets and water buckets (cleaning & replenishing)
  • Muck picking in turn out areas that are horse free
  • Gardening, to include weeding, planting and watering
  • Grooming kit maintenance and tack cleaning including preparation for sale
  • Assisting with making up feeds under supervision
  • Cleaning water tanks – empty/segregated fields
  • Ragwort and poisonous weed control
  • Cleaning signage
  • Tack shop attending and organising
  • Engaging with the public
  • Opening and closing gates


  • Experience caring for horses
  • A passion and enthusiasm about Redwings and ensuring basic care of our equine residents
  • Reliable, committed and willingness to undertake all Redwings training required for this role
  • Minimum of six months commitment attending site once a week at a mutually agreed time
  • Good team working and enjoyment working with different people

All volunteers must be sympathetic to and able to project the philosophy and concept of equine welfare; supporting a charity, and Redwings values.

Redwings Horse Sanctuary is very much a community and all volunteers are encouraged to be part of its day to day life.

All volunteers must take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and others who may be affected by their actions. 

This role is currently available at Redwings Caldecott. 

If you’re interested in this role, please fill in the application below and send it to volunteering@redwings.co.uk or post to us at:

Volunteering Coordinator, Redwings Horse Sanctuary, Hapton, Norwich, NR15 1SP