Resources for teachers

Our free resources are based around caring for horses and are designed either for use in the classroom or on a visit to one of our visitor centres in Norfolk, Essex and Warwickshire. We hope you find them useful!

Part 1 - Introducing the Five Freedoms worksheet (PDF 651KB)
Worksheet for Part 1 of The Five Freedoms.

Part 1 - Introducing the Five Freedoms (PDF 1MB)
In Part 1 of The Five Freedoms, students can discuss each of the Freedoms and how different animals have different needs. Use the worksheet and ask students to research the needs of different pets.

Part 2 - The Five Freedoms - The Importance of Animal Welfare (PDF 911KB)
Part 2 discusses the consequences of not providing the Five Freedoms for pets. Talk about what happens legally if a pet is not cared for properly, and students can research how animal welfare has progressed throughout history.

Part 3 - Humans and the Five Freedoms (PDF 908KB)
In Part 3, students can make a comparison between humans and animals, and talk about how the Five Freedoms are fulfilled for people too.

Red's Funky Facts poster! (PDF 1011KB)
Horses are pretty cool! Here are some horsey facts to show just how special they are...

The Five Freedoms poster (388KB)
Get the whole school involved by pinning up this Five Freedoms poster!