Wocket Woy to Wedwings' wescue

If you’re not familiar with Wocket Woy, you’d be forgiven to thinking we’ve made a typo in the title of this blog post.

Wocket Woy is a social media sensation, posting humorous weekly videos of the capers that Mattie Batch, horses Nobby and Woy, and the pwoducer Marc get up to. No “R’s” are allowed in the world of Wocket Woy – by the way!

And in their latest video, Wocket Woy comes to Wedwings! Here, we put Mattie to work helping with the morning feed run and mucking out duties, before disaster strikes – a horse is taken ill and only Mattie can help!

Watch the full video above. Huge thanks go to Mattie and Marc for their support of Redwings and a really fun morning!

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