West Meadows and Paper Mill Lane - latest statement

We would like to thank members of the public who regularly contact us with concerns for the welfare of horses kept at Paper Mill Lane and West Meadows sites in Ipswich.

Two RSPCA inspectors made a visit to both sites yesterday (Wednesday 5th April) to check on the horses.

They met the owner’s vet at West Meadows, where four horses were identified as of concern. However, the vet was already aware of theses horse and they are all receiving veterinary treatment. We have also raised concerns about rubbish at the site and have advised the owner accordingly.

At the Paper Mill Lane site, our inspectors spent time with the owner who was topping up water for the horses there.

The vet checked over two horses who were presenting with causes for concern, but again these horses are already receiving veterinary treatment and are improving. Most horses at this site are tethered, others are kept in paddocks separated by wire fencing. All had access to food and water at our inspectors’ visit.

Long-term plans for the housing and management of the horses are still being discussed by the landowner, the horses’ owner and the local authorities, and we very much hope a solution can be reached swiftly to improve the welfare of these animals for the future.

RSPCA inspectors, Redwings field officers and Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Police will continue to work hard to improve conditions at the site - the horses’ welfare remains our priority and we take all reports to us very seriously.

Anyone with first-hand information about new welfare concerns for these horses or concerns for any equine can call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 or Redwings Horse Sanctuary on 01508 481008.

In an emergency situation, please call the RSPCA 24-hour line immediately and without delay. Welfare reports cannot be taken via social media.

For our previous statement regarding two welfare reports earlier this week, please click here.