Join us for The Mane Event!

Has your mane become unmanageable? Is your fringe falling into your eyes? Are you turning a lighter shade of grey?!

Worry no more! Sampson’s Salon is here with a fun way to embrace your lockdown hairstyle and support Redwings at the same time!

In place of your regular hairdressing appointments, we’re asking you to make a virtual one with us during lockdown and donate the amount you would have normally spend to help fund the ongoing care of our rescued residents. In return we will match you up with a Redwings resident who has a similar hairstyle to yours!

It’s really simple to take part! All you need to do is:

We’ll then:

  • Match your photo up with one of our similarly hair-styled residents
  • Email you a fabulous photo that you can share on social media, just like below!

Your donation will be used where Redwings needs it the most, including to help care for our 1,500 rescued horses and donkeys.

Sampson and all his fluffy friends are so excited to see your lockdown hairstyles so get sending them in! We hope you enjoy your Redwings lockdown hair twin and don’t forget to tag us in your #RedwingsManeEvent posts on social media!

*Please note that by participating in this activity you automatically give consent for us to share your images on our website, social media and printed publications. Any images submitted of minors will require a media consent form to be completed prior to any publication online or in print.