Diary of a trainee runner

Running for Redwings

Distance: 5 miles

Time: 59 minutes

Weather: Changeable! #whereisthesummer

What Dennis did: Dennis and his BFF were enjoying the sunset together, aw


Feeling very happy this week as I’m delighted to say that having been previously plagued by injury, I have no knee pain and can still breathe after my longest run yet!

Running past so many happy horses definitely kept me going – especially seeing my Dennis. But also the fitness bug must be catching, as little pony Jo and her friends ran beside me in their paddock too – they are my inspiration.

However, I must say their beautiful trotting up and down and lapping me puts me to shame. Slow and steady may not win the race but hopefully will get me to the end.

Finally, last week’s rain and puddle hazards have been replaced by some new nemeses – stinging nettles, ants in shoes and slippery pony poo on the track – bring it on I say!

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