A new rug for Rosie

A new turn out rug for Rosie

Debbie Joseph has supported Redwings for 22 years and this winter she made the incredibly generous and thoughtful decision to treat two of our rescued residents to a brand new, top-quality turn out rug!

“I think Redwings does an amazing job,” says Debbie. “I wanted to do something practical to support the charity and I like the thought of two horses keeping warm and dry with my help this winter.”

One of the lucky horses to have benefitted from Debbie’s kindness is Rosie, a stunning six-year-old mare who came to Redwings in 2010 after being originally rescued by Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary in Northern Ireland.

Rosie had an awful start in life: her mother died when she was just a few hours old and she was separated abruptly from her foster mother after just four months, causing her profound distress. Rosie was rescued after being found shut in a dirty stable, emaciated and crawling with lice – she was still not even a year old.

Knowing Rosie’s terrible early experiences makes it all the more heart-warming to see her wrapped up in her smart new rug and taking a turn around the paddock!

Redwings may be the largest horse sanctuary in the UK, but our achievements are always centred on individual stories like Rosie’s and individual supporters like Debbie whose generosity has enabled us to give a deserving horse a new lease of life. Thank you Debbie!