Horses of Paper Mill Lane: Statement

Redwings Horse Sanctuary continues to work with the horse owner and landowner to make improvements to the site and the welfare of the horses at Paper Mill Lane, Ipswich.

We are aware of speculation that Redwings is “fully responsible” for the horses at Paper Mill Lane and we are keen to clarify that this is not correct. The horses are the responsibility of their owner as has always been the case and as would be the case for any horse owner in the country.

However, we can confirm that are in discussions with the landowner to assist in monitoring the horses regularly and responding to welfare reports – as we always have done. We cannot provide comment on the terms of any agreement between the landowner and the horse owner as this is strictly confidential.

Significant improvements have already been made on site. All horses on both the Paper Mill Lane and West Meadows sites belonging to the owner have been documented and the fencing at Paper Mill Lane has been installed meaning the majority of the horses are now living off their tethers.

Our Field Officer attended the site yesterday (22nd June) and checked all the horses on Paper Mill Lane and nearby West Meadows and had no welfare concerns, all the horses had access to water and have had throughout this period of hot weather.

We will continue to attend regularly and to respond to any new reports of welfare concerns. Welfare reports must be first-hand and be provided with as much information as possible. We would also like to stress the importance of supplying photos that show a clear head shot and full body shot of the horse so we can identify and attend to them swiftly.  

Finally, reports must be made directly to our Welfare team on 01508 481008 or by emailing We cannot take reports via social media. If you are making a report we would appreciate full details of the location and a description of the horse so we can respond accordingly. Any horses discovered in distress must be reported as an emergency to the RSPCA by calling 0300 1234 999.