Redwings places 21st in 'most loved' charities report

Redwings is celebrating after placing 21st in a top 100 'most loved' charities report.

We are a new entrant in ‘Brandvue’s Most Loved Charity Brands 2022’, published by Savanta and based on 'brand love scores'; or the percentage of respondents that ‘love’ a given charity.

The report includes performance rankings from across all major categories – animal welfare, armed forces, children and families, disability, environmental protection, healthcare, humanitarian aid and relief, mental health and social justice.

Nicola Knight, Head of Communications and Campaigns at Redwings, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to hear not only that we’ve placed in this report, but that we’ve come an amazing 21st, above or alongside so many significantly larger (and brilliant!) charities across all categories.

“We have a small but dedicated team here at Redwings, who love their jobs and the work they do.

“We definitely feel the love from our supporters, and I want to take this opportunity to say that the feeling is mutual. We’re extremely grateful to them for all we’re able to achieve for the horses, ponies, donkeys and mules who need us, thanks to them.”

Jack Lane, from Savanta, said: “This is a fantastic achievement for Redwings. We know that people’s most deeply held relationships with charities are emotional by default. Whether based on a connection to a specific cause or driven by a desire to help others, relationships with charities are full of personal meaning.

“However, the relationship between supporters and charities is like a bridge. It requires thoughtful design, sturdy construction and regular maintenance.

“The potential result is an emotional connection between a charity and its supporters that is highly personal, valued and can last for decades.”

The rankings are based on more than 60,000 interviews collected over the past year, through Savanta’s market intelligence platform BrandVue Charities: the largest and most comprehensive brand, audience and supporter tracking engine in the market.

You can see the full report here.