There's a new kid on the block!

There’s a new kid on the block!

Please help us welcome little Leonora, the latest foal to be born at Redwings.

Leonora is the eighth foal to take her first steps at the Sanctuary since the lockdown, and the seventh to be born to one group of rescued horses who were brought into our care last year while pregnant.

You may remember us telling you about them in May when we were experiencing quite the baby boom! 

In true Redwings tradition, the horses were named after distinct themes – in this case, money or currency and famous artists – and so the names of their foals have followed suit.

Leonora, who is named after artist Leonora Carrington, now joins fellow foals Lira, Rupee, Peseta, Ruble, Wonga and Warhol who were all born earlier this year.

We’re delighted to say that all of our youngsters are healthy and growing up quickly, while Leonora is already progressing well since her birth on Friday 14th August. She will now have a safe and loving home with us for life.

Taking on another mouth to feed at this challenging time naturally places a greater demand on our resources.

If you can, we’d love for you to make a donation to help us give Leonora, all our foals and their mums, the happy and peaceful lives they deserve.

To help, call 01508 481000 or click here to find out all the ways you can support their care.