Jade & Estelle win big!

Redwings Oxhill Rehoming team member Jade has been working hard training beautiful cob Estelle in the hope of finding her a new home as a ridden pony through the Redwings Rehoming Scheme.

So when Jade discovered an online dressage class back in November, she set her sights even higher for the lovely Estelle and entered her into the beginner’s class. The pair put plenty of hours of practice in, working hard on their walk and trot, to make sure they were ready for the big day. Entries were submitted via video, and judged shortly after.

To help prepare for her big moment, Estelle was bathed and groomed before getting her mane and tail plaited. We may be a little biased, but we think she looks beautiful!  

Estelle primary.jpg

Getting ready for her big moment!

We’re delighted to say that Jade and Estelle topped their class with an overall score of 69.54%! They’re now able to progress into an Open Class, where they can continue to practice their walk and trot, or progress to a more advanced class where they’ll have the chance to canter.

The team at Oxhill said: “We’re delighted with November’s results and are so excited for Jade and Estelle’s next entry. We’d like to improve Estelle’s walk and trot, help her to relax more and lower her head for the free rein walk.”

Estelle was part of a large group of cobs who were rescued from appalling conditions at a site in Wales. They had been found stranded deep in mud without any food, and were suffering from malnutrition, worms and many had the infectious disease strangles.

Despite her sad start to life, Estelle is such a friendly girl, making her the perfect candidate for rehoming. We can’t wait to see what Jade and Estelle do next, but we’ll there cheering them on!