Horses of Paper Mill Lane: Statement

Redwings Horse Sanctuary is working with the owner and landowner to make improvements to the site and the welfare of the horses at Paper Mill Lane, Ipswich.

This work is ongoing and has made significant progress over the last few weeks. All horses on both the Paper Mill Lane and West Meadows sites belonging to the owner have been documented and the fencing at Paper Mill Lane is nearing completion.

We visit the site as regularly as we can and continue to welcome new reports of concern to be made to our welfare team on 01508 481008 or or to the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999. In particular, emergencies should be reported to the RSPCA 24-hour line without delay. In all cases, welfare reports cannot be taken via social media.

When reporting a welfare concern, we can only accept first-hand information. Specific details of the particular horse(s) of concern and their location must also be reported first-hand, and photographic and video evidence must be supplied by the person taking the image/footage where legal and safe to do so.

In response to recent concerns about the hot weather, we understand the owner has been regularly supplying the horses with water. If, however, you have visited the site and are aware of any horses without water, we would appreciate full details of their location and a description of the horse so we can respond accordingly. Again, this must be a first-hand report and any horses discovered in distress must be reported as an emergency to the RSPCA.