Redwings supports Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service

Redwings has kindly donated new headcollars to Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service to support with animal rescues.

The donation is part of an ongoing relationship between the Sanctuary and the fire service, who have worked together for some time. We currently provide animal handling training to firefighters and advise on best practice when it comes to leading horses to safety.

District Commander Wil Tel and Watch Commander Mark Cragg joined us recently at our headquarters in Norfolk to receive the new headcollars with a little helping hoof from Sanctuary resident Willow.

Steph Callen, Redwings' Communications Manager at Redwings Horse Sanctuary, said: “Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service plays a vital role in freeing horses from difficult and dangerous situations, so we’re particularly pleased to share our expertise to give them that extra confidence in handling the horses they come across and help them to stay safe.

“Having already worked with the Service to provide handling training, we’re delighted to donate these brand new headcollars to further support their invaluable work.”

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service is no stranger to animal rescues, coming to the aid of creatures great and small on a weekly basis. Already this year, they have been called to help rescue horses, deer, a cat and a dog. Rescues regularly involve family pets, farmyard animals or wild animals, and incidents can often be complex, require specialist equipment and take place in testing conditions.

Wil Tel, District Commander for the West at Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service, said: “It is important that trained professionals carry out animal rescues, as we don’t want the public to endanger themselves. We are very grateful for Redwings’ support and generosity, both with this donation and their time. Together we have identified areas where we can make minor improvements to our equipment, which will benefit the health and wellbeing of the animals that we rescue.

“Working with fantastic organisations such as Redwings means our firefighters can support animals and their owners when we receive an emergency call and ensure that we’re up-to-date with the latest skills.”