A happy home together

In October we shared two ponies on Redwings social media who were looking for a very special home.

Redwings Anne and Redwings Rubic had been in a Guardian home together, but through no fault of their own were looking for a new home. As they were such close friends we hoped we might be able to find another home for them together – and we turned to our wonderful followers on our social media pages to help!

Now, we’re delighted to share with you that six weeks ago Anne and Rubic went to their new home with Guardian Moira.

Their lovely new home is a far cry from the conditions which saw them end up at the Sanctuary.

Rubic arrived at Redwings in 2012 from the Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies (SWHP), an organisation which we merged with in 2019.

SWHP had been called out to reports of a stallion with a suspected broken jaw. After a successful operation to wire his jaw, SWHP approached Redwings for help in offering him a home in case he needed further veterinary treatment. Happily he made a full recovery, and as a friendly and lovable chap, was the perfect candidate for our rehoming scheme.

Meanwhile, Anne came to Redwings from a site in Wales where she was one of a group of horses kept in terrible conditions. They were found stranded deep in mud without any food and suffering from malnutrition, worm burdens and the infectious disease strangles. These horses were in desperate need of help so were brought to Redwings and other welfare organisations for treatment and care. 

Now they are settled into their new home, Guardian Moira was delighted to tell us, “They really are the perfect ponies. They fitted in so well from the moment they came off the lorry and they are just so calm and well mannered. They have had the farrier and they both behaved impeccably.

“Anne is the sweetest mare and just wants to make sure everybody is ok. She likes to keep an eye on our two young miniature Shetlands who live in the field next door and always goes over to stand next to them when they are having a doze.

“Meanwhile Rubic is our resident clown and likes to make you laugh. He seems to think following you when you are poo picking, putting his head over your shoulder and sticking his nose in your ear is great fun! Or he loves to use his nose to try and put your hood up for you!

“They both come trotting over when you go into their field and love getting lots of scratches. We really have been very lucky and couldn’t have wished for a better pair of ponies.”

If you think you could offer a home to a rescued horse like Anne or Rubic, then please click here