"We Love Donkeys" is coming to you this Easter!

Every Easter, we host an array of “We Love Donkeys” activities at our five visitor centres across the UK, but despite our centres having to remain closed for now, our donkey residents are determined for you not to miss out!

While you’d normally be able to meet our long-eared residents during their very own meet ‘n’ greet sessions, instead we’re bringing our donkeys online and introducing you to them in the below video.

While you're here, why not get to know our adorable donkey herd at Redwings Mountains in Scotland? Here equine carer Holly introduces you to the lovable bunch!

Young Reds At Home Academy is also adding a few special activities to its line-up, including Donkey Dash, and Designing a Redwings-themed Easter Egg. There’s also some new colouring sheets featuring our donkey-mascot Wings & friends, Wings wearing a raincoat and Wings in quarantine. For a bit of extra fun, the whole family can find out their donkey names here!

While completing the activities, keep a record of your progress by filling out our activity record form.

The whole family will also be able to get involved in an Easter Egg Hunt with Mabel & Iris, Denver & Minnie, Esther and Timothy, Cain & Jemmie, and record their answers here.

Finally, test your knowledge by filling in the gaps on our Donkey Fact Sheet!

Once finished, download your certificate and proudly display your new status as 'Donkey Expert'!

To enjoy even more free, stay-at-home activities for oyur family, why not have a go at the Young Reds At Home Academy. Find out more by clicking here.