"The best pony anyone could wish for"

Dusky, Trish and Jigsaw

When we rehome our horses and ponies through our Guardianship Scheme, we always hope they will find a happy home for life. This was the case for Shetland pony Redwings Dusky, who enjoyed a wonderful life with her Guardian Trish for over 33 years.

Sadly Trish had to say a final goodbye to Dusky in June 2019 when she was very sadly put to sleep, aged 35. Trish has since sent us a touching letter paying tribute to her very special pony, who she rehomed from Ada Cole Memorial Stables before the charity's merger with Redwings.

In her letter, Trish explains: “On May 2nd 1986, at the age of two, little Dusky arrived into our lives from Ada Cole. From that moment she was loved by all who knew her.

“She was chosen as a companion for my New Forest mare Bramble, mainly because when we went to choose a pony she was the one not in any way bothered by the group of children running around. She and Bramble became inseparable. In the morning I would stand and watch their circus tricks as they raced around the field for the sheer joy of the new day, each vying to leap higher than the other, but always together.”

Dusky & Jigsaw on Holiday blog.jpg

Dusky, Trish and friend Jigsaw on their horsey holidays!

Trish also proudly explained that Dusky was adored by lots of children and gave many young riders their first riding lesson, with one going on to become a top dressage rider. She also said that Dusky was a perfect lead rein pony, with a turn of speed that made her perfect for Pony Club games. Many of her riders came home with a rosette!

Dusky was so popular that Trish has received lots of messages from people sharing their fond memories of her, including one friend, Gill Meredith, who wrote a lovely poem in her memory:

When God created Dusky
From his throne in heaven high,
He did so with a great big smile
And a twinkle in his eye.

“Let’s make her extra special”
He chuckled with great glee.
“There’ll be no other like her
in horsey history.

“I’ll make her slightly portly
But ever so petite,
With short, yet shapely, sturdy legs
And feisty little feet.

“I’ll make her mane like a chimney brush,
All bristly, black and chunky,
Not ‘best in show’ for shine or flow
But top for fab ‘n’ funky!

“I’ll make her full of character 
With bucket loads of cheek,
Charming, cute, yet cunning
With a little naughty streak.

“Children will adore her 
And she will love them too,
In fact she’ll love just anyone
Who gives them treats to chew.

“She may not win The National
Or Olympic dressage gold,
But Pony Personality
That cup-she’ll always hold”

“I’ll give her long and happy years
With Trish and all her friends, 
And when it comes to bring her home
She’ll have a peaceful end.

“And then in heaven’s pastures green
For ever she will graze.
And frolic to her heart’s content
For endless glorious days.”

Trish added: “She has been my joy for the last 33 years and will live forever in our hearts. I thank you for giving me the best pony anyone could wish for and I am glad we could give her a wonderful, long and happy home.”

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