Wiggins and Wacko lend Derek a helping hoof

Derek is receiving treatment for lameness at Redwings' horse hospital

Redwings Aylsham’s Adoption Star donkeys Wiggins and Wacko have been helping to cheer up one of their donkey pals.

A fortnight ago Derek sadly lost his best friend Clive, who passed away suddenly from a severe case of colic.  Clive was brought to our horse hospital when he started showing signs of colic, where it was revealed that he needed surgery. Due to the severity of his condition, our vets were unable to save him and so the very difficult decision was made to put him to sleep.

We are all very upset to lose this wonderful and gentle chap and have been keeping a very close eye on Derek.  sleep.

We are all very upset to lose this wonderful and gentle chap and sorry to bring you such sad news. We’ve also been keeping a very close eye on Derek who had always been by Clive’s side. Wiggins and Wacko have been doing a wonderful job in keeping Derek company though (as you can see from the picture below) and we hope all three will be returning to Redwings Aylsham very soon, so be sure to give the boys extra cuddles when you see them next!

Donkeys can become very depressed if they lose their companion, but thankfully Wiggins and Wacko trotted to the rescue and have been doing a great job of keeping Derek company.

The three chaps are spending a little longer at our horse hospital as Derek is undergoing some tests for lameness. All three will return to Redwings Aylsham as soon as Derek’s feeling better, so watch this space!

*Update: All three donkeys are now back at Redwings Aylsham and ready to be visited - Derek in particular would love a cuddle!*