New initiative to improve safety around horses

Redwings welcomes a new system for reporting horse-related accidents, launched by The British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA).

The Rider Accident and Equipment Report Form aims to better understand how different equipment can help protect us from injury when interacting with these strong and sometimes unpredictable animals.

Click here to access the new accident reporting form.

Research shows that horse-related injuries are common and can be very serious. Horse riding was the most frequent cause of serious head injury in girls under 19 years of age in one NHS study.

A range of protective equipment can make a big difference to reducing the severity of any horse-related injury. From hard hats and gloves to body protectors and safety stirrups, being in the habit of using the right equipment for each situation helps keep the wearer safe, and there is no question that such items will have saved thousands of lives and limbs over the years.

The data BETA collects through the form will help the horse industry in several ways:

  • Ensure safety equipment is assessed and accredited in line with the highest possible standards
  • Generate the most accurate advice on when and how to use equipment effectively
  • Help manufacturers improve the design of new safety products as they are developed
  • Provide statistical information about how equipment is being used - or not used
  • Track data on accidents to highlight areas where more needs to be done to help people stay safe

Redwings takes safety extremely seriously, providing a full range of personal protective equipment to all staff who work directly with our rescued residents. Wearing a hard hat, gloves and safety boots around our horses is a key part of our safety policy. We know how quickly accidents can happen, and the difference that protective items can make.

If you own or interact with horses, and are unlucky enough to experience a horse-related accident yourself, please do use the form to report the incident. This will help BETA achieve better understanding of horse-related accidents and injuries, and to ensure the industry can develop even better safety products and advice for everyone’s benefit in the future.

Please note that injuries to horses caused by incidents such as careless driving, fireworks, loose dogs should continue to be reported to the British Horse Society (BHS).

Click here to report an incident via the BHS website.