Adopting a horse or donkey makes the perfect Christmas gift!

Sponsoring a Redwings horse or donkey not only makes a special and unique Christmas gift, but helps ensure all our rescued residents will continue to enjoy a safe and happy home this New Year.

And now - thanks to the relaunch of our popular Adoption Scheme - adopters can enjoy even more fun features to bring you or your loved one even closer to your new four-legged friend!

Our Adoption Scheme, which has been running for over 30 years, allows you to sponsor one or more of our "Adoption Star" horses, ponies, donkeys and mules with all the money going towards their care and that of other residents at the Sanctuary - of which there are 1,500!

Previously, sponsors have been able to choose between a “traditional” adoption, where you’ve received updates about your friend in the post, and an “online” adoption, which included access to your Adoption Star’s online blog.

Now we’ve combined all these features into one new package!

Those adopting a Redwings Adoption Star for Christmas will now receive:

  • An adoption pack including a beautiful photograph, a certificate and your Adoption Star’s story
  • Postal updates on your friend’s adventures and antics
  • An invitation to your Adoption Star’s birthday party
  • An online diary featuring photo galleries, videos and blogs about their life at Redwings
  • The chance to visit your friend for free at their home
  • A Friendship Card to treasure and keep in your wallet or purse as a reminder of your adoption.

And you can enjoy all the benefits of our new Adoption Scheme for the minimum donation of just £15 per year!

Lynn Cutress, Chief Executive, said: “Adopting one of our horses or donkeys makes a beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one. It’s the next best thing to owning your own, and you can enjoy all the fun of getting to know your new four-legged friend without the hard work and expense of looking after them every day.

“Christmas is a time of happiness and love, but sadly many of our Adoption Stars were deprived of these simple things in their early lives. Giving just £15 per year in sponsorship will ensure your friend and all our rescued residents continue to enjoy a safe and happy home at Redwings.”

Click here to choose your new friend –

Those who already sponsor a Redwings Adoption Star will be able to access the new features of the scheme when they renew – or to start enjoying these new features today call 01508 481000 or email Existing sponsors may also continue to adopt their four-legged friend at the scheme’s former price if they wish to.