Your love of horses can live forever

Remembering Redwings in your Will is a wonderful way to leave a lasting legacy that will help us to help horses in need for generations to come. Large or small, your once in a lifetime gift will make a big difference to our future and save horses’ lives: it’s that simple.


Why should I make a Will?
Making a Will is really important. It gives peace of mind by ensuring your wishes are carried out and that those causes, people and animals you care about benefit in the way you want. 

By making a Will you can also ensure you don't pay more Inheritance Tax than necessary. Any gift left in your Will to a registered charity like Redwings will be exempt from inheritance tax, which means your family can save on their tax bill and at the same time you can make a contribution to a worthwhile cause.

If you would like help or advice on making or changing your Will, please contact us or call our Legacy Officer on 01508 481030. Or read on for more information.

How do I make a Will?
Take these simple steps to be certain that those you wish to remember benefit according to your wishes. Then enjoy the peace of mind that what you love most in life will not be forgotten.

Consult a solicitor
It is important to consult a solicitor so that your Will is worded correctly to ensure all those you care about are provided for; it can take just one simple mistake in a homemade Will to invalidate the whole document.

Decide what you want to leave and to whom
Before visiting a solicitor, it is a good idea to have a list of what you want to leave. Many people do not write a Will because they are unaware of how much they are worth. There are various gifts that you may wish to leave to Redwings, click here for more information.

Choose your executors
Decide who you would like to be responsible for ensuring that your wishes are carried out as instructed in your Will. Such nominated persons are called ‘executors’ and could be your solicitor, a family member or a friend; it is also important to check in advance that they are willing to take on this responsibility.

Changing an existing Will
When should I update my Will? Your Will should be updated with any changes in family circumstances – divorce, separation, re-marriage, births or deaths. You may also already have written a Will but decide that you wish to add a beneficiary, such as leaving a gift to Redwings.

How do I change my Will? Usually changes to an existing Will can be made easily by means of a Codicil; an addition to your Will that is kept with the original. However, if the changes are as a result of a divorce or re-marriage, a completely new Will should be drawn up.

We're here to help
If you would like help or advice on making or changing your Will, please contact us or call our Legacy Officer on 01508 481030. You can also find more advice and information on The Goodwill Partnership website.