A lasting gift to help horses in need

Want to make your Will today?

Use our free Will service to make your Will online or over the phone with Farewill

Farewill is the largest Will writer in the UK offering expert checking services to make sure your wishes are clear. Their specialist team are available to help you over the phone or by email six days a week 9am – 6pm. 

Get started straight away from the comfort of your own home by creating your free Will online in less than 30 minutes. If your Will is more complex (for example if you need specific inheritance tax advice) or if you would prefer to speak to someone, you can create your free Will by telephone on 020 8050 2686.


Redwings pays for a limited number of supporters each year to have a Will written to help inspire and generate gifts to fund our work. If the cost of writing your Will exceeds the fixed sum we fund, you can continue with the Will by covering the additional cost. The Farewill service includes a simple checklist process to help you decide if the service is right for you.


Your gift

Gifts in Wills make up the largest proportion of our income – in fact, we simply couldn’t function without them. Thank you for caring about horses as much as we do and choosing to find out more about how to remember Redwings in your Will so we can continue to be there for those in need.


Why should I make a Will?
Making a Will is important. It gives peace of mind by ensuring your wishes are carried out and that those causes, people and animals you care about benefit in the way you want. Any gift left in your Will to a registered charity like Redwings will be exempt from inheritance tax, which means your family can save on their tax bill and you can continue to support the causes you care about.

How do I make a Will?
Take these simple steps to be certain that those you wish to remember benefit according to your wishes. Then enjoy the peace of mind that what you love most in life will not be forgotten.

Consult a professional
It is important to consult a solicitor or use a professional service so that your Will is worded correctly to ensure all those you care about are provided for.

Decide what you want to leave and to whom
Once you have remembered your family and loved ones, there are many ways to give a lasting gift to Redwings. You could give a specific sum of money (known as a pecuniary legacy), a percentage of what is left when your other wishes have been carried out and expenses met (a residuary legacy) or a particular item or object (a painting, jewellery or even a car known as a specific gift).

Choose your executors
Decide who you would like to be responsible for ensuring that your wishes are carried out as instructed in your Will. Such nominated persons are called ‘executors’ and could be your solicitor, a family member or a friend; it is also important to check in advance that they are willing to take on this responsibility.

Changing an existing Will

When should I update my Will? Your Will should be updated with any changes in family circumstances – divorce, separation, re-marriage, births or deaths. You may also already have written a Will but decide that you wish to add a beneficiary, such as leaving a gift to Redwings.

How do I change my Will? Usually changes to an existing Will can be made easily by means of a Codicil; an addition to your Will that is kept with the original. However, if the changes are as a result of a divorce or re-marriage, a completely new Will should be drawn up. If you use our free Will writing service with our partners Farewill, they will also provide an unlimited changes service, where supporters are able to update their will as many times as they need.

We're here to help
If you would like help or advice on making or changing your Will, please contact us or call our Legacy Officer Katie on 01508 481030.

What will you give?

£2,500 could equip a small paddock with fencing, a gate and a water trough

£10,000 could fund an acre of land

£25,000 could fund a donkey barn