Your once in a lifetime gift to help horses in need

Your legacy gift

Gifts in Wills make up the largest proportion of our income – in fact, we simply couldn’t function without them.

If you can provide a field with shelter, water and fencing, you have given a home to a horse in need.

Deciding what to give
There are many ways to give a lasting gift to Redwings.

You could give a specific sum of money (known as a pecuniary legacy), a percentage of what is left when your other wishes have been carried out and expenses met (a residuary legacy) or a particular item or object (a painting, jewellery or even a car known as a specific gift).

For advice and information about your legacy gift contact us or if you've already made a provision for Redwings in your Will, you can let us know here.

What will you give?

£2,500 will equip a small paddock with fencing, a gate and a water trough

£10,000 funds one acre of land

£25,000 builds a donkey barn for 30 donkeys