Drawing for Redwings!

Artist Jo-ann Harrison is donating 10% of sales to Redwings

Artist and horse owner Jo-ann Harrison is kindly donating 10% from the sales of her artwork to Redwings.

Jo-ann is a self-taught freelance animal artist from the north-east of England, specialising in pet and animal portraits in coloured pencil.

Jo-ann’s love of horses began with her children who wanted to learn to ride and soon persuaded her also to have lessons, even though she was petrified of horses at the time. But, from that moment on, she was hooked!

After her son and daughter moved out from their family home last year, Jo-ann began to draw again after a 40 year break. She now draws beloved pets as a keepsake for their owners, and she’s even created a piece to mark Redwings’ celebrations of the 140th anniversary of Black Beauty this autumn.

Jo-ann, said: “I have always wanted to support a charity helping animals, and horses are so close to my heart, so I contacted Redwings. They are such a fabulous charity helping horses in need.”

The money raised by Jo-ann’s artwork will go towards the care of the 1,500 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules being looked after by Redwings nationwide.

If you would like to contact Jo-ann about one of her beautiful pieces, or perhaps to commission a drawing of your own, you can email her here.

If you're fundraising for Redwings, then please get in touch! Email communications@redwings.co.uk and tell us all about it!