Rocky's story

Adorable little Rocky had a tragic start to his life before he was rescued and brought to live at Redwings. When he was a few months old he was living happily on the Shetland Isles, where he roamed freely with other young foals and returned to his mother when he pleased. One day Rocky and the other foals were rounded up and separated from their mothers and sold for only a few pounds. Rocky and the other poor foals endured an awful 14 hour journey across the sea to Aberdeen, where they were loaded onto a horse lorry packed with 40 horses and began a 2 week journey to Northern Ireland. Whilst travelling the ponies received no food or water and so they became very weak and ill. Rocky was sold at a market and in the space of four weeks he’d had eight owners. He returned to the market to be sold again on the verge of collapse, with a dislocated back from being ridden too young, but luckily for Rocky he was rescued. When Rocky was able to stand again, he was brought to his new home at Redwings. Rocky was a true star, and made a fantastic Adoption pony because he was so friendly and loved humans. Unfortunately after 15 happy years at Redwings, Rocky had to be put to sleep in 2007 as he was suffering from arthritis and Sacroiliac disease; a high impact trauma in the sacroiliac joint which was probably a result of Rocky being ridden when he was only six months old.