Misfit's story

Misfit was rescued by the Ada Cole team in 2001 after being found as a young stallion in very poor condition and in much need of good food, veterinary treatment and kind handling.

Misfit was a traditional cheeky Shetland and had lots of character! He was a lovely ‘tricolour’ with dark brown and white patches and a black mane and tail.

As a Shetland we had to watch Misfit’s weight carefully to make sure he didn’t become too large, but he was always on the lookout for any extra titbits of food or ways he could get to that nice green grass on the other side of the fence!

We very sadly lost Misfit in 2013 when the arthritis in his back legs became so severe that our vets could no longer keep him comfortable. Misfit had been a real favourite with staff and visitors, and we still miss this cheeky chappy very much.