Darcey's story

Beautiful Darcey was a stunning dapple-grey mare who had not had a happy life before she came to Redwings.

Found by Customs and Excise officers, Darcey was being travelled to and from mainland Europe as a cover for drug trafficking. No horse should be used for criminal activities, but Darcey was especially unfortunate to have fallen into the wrong hands as she was suffering from pain in her legs due to poor conformation and an untreated knee injury.

Redwings brought five year old Darcey into the caring home she needed in 2004. Our vet performed surgery to repair some of the damage to her knee and this lovely mare was able to start enjoying life again! Darcey moved to Caldecott where the flat fields were kind to her legs and she could enjoy lots of attention.

Darcey spent seven years at Redwings before the legacy of her early life caught up with her. She developed arthritis in her damaged joints and eventually our vets were unable to control the pain. We knew the kindest option was to put Darcey to sleep to ensure she did not start to suffer again and we sadly lost this lovely mare in 2011.