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Redwings Top Story

24 February 2015 by Redwings Press Office

Speak out on strangles

We have confirmed two cases of strangles in residents at one of our Norfolk sites.

On Thursday night (19th February) one of the horses at our Piggots site in South Norfolk was confirmed to have strangles after a routine check found it had nasal discharge. The horse, a six-year-old bay gelding, was immediately put into isolation at our quarantine centre and all movements between sites were suspended as a precaution. Another horse was found showing symptoms the following day and is now also in quarantine.

All sites and areas where the contact may have happened are now locked down to prevent any further spread and our veterinary team are running tests on any horses who may have had contact with the infected equines to ensure they are isolated and treated if required and using their extensive records to find possible routes of entry.

Strangles is a highly contagious infection of the upper respiratory tract (nose and throat) that spreads very rapidly through contact with infected mucus, either directly between horses or indirectly with contaminated items such as feed and water containers. It can be infectious even when symptoms are not showing which is why is it very challenging to contain.

Although strangles is usually not fatal it can cause real distress and can result in large abscesses that prevent swallowing and restrict breathing. It is endemic in the UK horse population and is particularly common in immunocompromised animals. As a result our Reception Centre staff deal with it routinely in the rescue and neglect cases we take in but this is the first time in 23 years there has been a case within Redwings’ resident herd.

Head of Welfare and Senior Vet Nic de Brauwere said: “We have extremely stringent quarantine procedures in place and every horse that comes in to the Sanctuary is screened and cleared before they join a farm like Piggots. It just shows that no system or test is 100% effective."

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Redwings in Action

20 February 2015 by Redwings Press Office

Help feed our donkey foal!

Like her Game of Thrones namesake, our Poitou donkey foal Arya is a survivor, but she needs your help to grow into a warrior!

Did you know that Poitou donkeys are not fully grown until they are three years old? That means little Arya needs a special protein-feed to help sustain her energy and ensure she gets the right nutrients to grow big and strong.

Just £5 could pay for a whole week’s special feed for Arya. Can you help her?

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28 January 2015 by Redwings Press Office

Burns week bonus for equine welfare charities

We are delighted to announce that we have now officially merged with Scottish horse rescue charity Mountains Animal Sanctuary in Forfar.

The merger, which was finalised yesterday (27th January), is the first of its kind under new charity legislation covering mergers between English and Scottish charities, and has taken over 30 months to complete. The Scottish centre will continue to operate as an active rescue and rehoming centre as well as being open to visitors from late summer.

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21 January 2015 by Redwings Press Office

Worrying rise in calls from horse owners this New Year

During the first week of 2015, we have received 31 calls from owners asking to take in their horses, a 40.9 per cent increase on the same period in 2014 and totalling 39 equines.

Similarly, of the total 1241 calls to our welfare line in 2014, 45.9 per cent were from owners asking for help securing an alternative home for their horses.

In light of the current equine crisis and with the Sanctuary operating at maximum capacity, we are eager to urge owners and potential owners to understand the personal and financial commitment of horse ownership – the key message being “if in doubt, don’t”.

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