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13 April 2015 by Redwings Press Office

‘Poldark ponies’ of Bodmin Moor are safe at last

We extend our praise to local vets, farmers and the Bodmin Moor Shadow Commons Council for their amazing team effort following an operation to rescue a group of ponies over the weekend. Redwings offered financial support to the operation, which has resulted in the safe rescue of three ponies from the Moor including a tiny foal. They have since been named after characters from the series Poldark.

A stallion and a mare and foal were rescued over the weekend from the very spot where parts of the hit BBC television series Poldark was filmed. They had been running loose on Bodmin Moor and all were starving and in urgent need of veterinary intervention, feed and proper care. No owner has come forward for any of them.

The dark bay stallion, named Ross Poldark by his rescuers, was found in the Craddock Moor area in a very dire state; very thin and with a body condition score of 0.5. He was extremely weak and Lorna Stevenson, the APHA Veterinary Officer who authorised the ponies’ removal, stated she believed he would almost certainly die without immediate help.

Meanwhile, a mare found in the Pensilva area and since named Demelza after the wife of Poldark in the television series, was also in serious danger, with a body condition score of just 1. She had a foal at foot who is thought to be between seven and ten days old – she has been named Julia after Demelza’s new baby daughter in the series.

All three ponies have been moved to a nearby yard where they are receiving urgent veterinary intervention.

The rescue efforts were led by Julie Dowton, Secretary to the Bodmin Moor Commoners and the Association of Bodmin Moor Commons Landowners, and the lead for welfare issues. She said: “Just like the ‘real’ Poldark, our little pony Ross bears the scars of battle. He also has lustrous brown locks, and although he is very thin at the moment we hope he will one day have his rippling muscles too!  Demelza in the series is a scrawny little thing who is totally unloved until help comes along, what else could we call her? It’s amazing to think these ponies have walked in the very footsteps of their namesakes. It was an extremely tough few days but we are so pleased that this story has a happy ending."

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Redwings in Action

08 April 2015 by Redwings Press Office

Helping horse owners to ‘Lighten the Load’!

With lush spring grass already tempting the taste buds of our equine friends, Redwings is offering a timely horse care seminar to help owners watch their equine waistlines and keep painful laminitis at bay.

On Wednesday 29th April, we will be hosting a free evening of talks and discussion entitled Lightening the Load at our Aylsham Visitor Centre in North Norfolk.

Very special guest speaker Dean Bland, farrier and educator from Well Equine, will look at the effects of laminitis as well as outlining modern care options for horses with conformational or lameness issues.

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31 March 2015 by Redwings Press Office

Orphan donkey foal hailed as our newest Adoption Star!

With the ‘Winds of Winter’ blowing, we introduce our very own daughter of Winterfell.

Part-bred Poitou donkey Arya is the newest addition to our Adoption Club and having delighted visitors at our Oxhill Visitor Centre since February with her lively character and irresistible fluffiness, we just could not resist making her an Adoption Star!

Named after Arya Stark of George R. R. Martin’s fantasy novels by her previous owner, our donkey foal is a true warrior just like her Game of Thrones counterpart – but she still needs you to support her and her friends in their new home. Arya can be sponsored for an annual cost of just £12.50 and every penny goes towards her daily care and that of her friends.

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05 March 2015 by Redwings Press Office

Redwings Horse Show, a great day out for everyone

With a new schedule aimed at encouraging more novice riders and horses, we have high hopes for another great year with a super turnout.

Redwings Horse Sanctuary’s annual show is set to be held on Sunday 17th May at Topthorn Equestrian Centre in Suffolk.

This year’s event will hold more classes aimed at novice riders and horses/ponies, as well as lead rein classes, clear round jumping and, in the spirit of providing something for everyone, there will also be heavy horse classes, a first for the Redwings show! We also hope to see many of its lovely Guardian ponies in attendance, particularly in the ever popular rescued horse/pony classes.

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