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Redwings is the UK's largest horse sanctuary, caring for over 1,300 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules every day. Our work is funded solely by donations and with your help we can give these animals the best possible care so they can eventually be rehomed or enjoy a home for life at the Sanctuary.

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Redwings Top Story

30 June 2014 by Redwings Press Office

Redwings spreads its wings...

We are very excited to announce a major expansion to our operations in the form of a merger with Scottish horse rescue charity Mountains Animal Sanctuary. We are able to reveal that we are also in advanced merger talks with Welsh charity SWHP (the Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies) and in the planning stages for a centre in Wales.

The merger in July will see the Scottish charity taking the new name Redwings Mountains. Mountains is based near Forfar in Angus and was formed by the late Alan Fraser in 1982 and registered as a charity in 1984, the same year as Redwings Horse Sanctuary. It is currently home to 98 rescued horses, ponies and donkeys on 220 acres of paddocks and woodland.

Redwings is currently the largest horse sanctuary in the UK, with 1300 horses in our care at nine sites across England; however we already conduct rescues right across the United Kingdom, including Wales and Scotland and also offer support to smaller horse charities in Ireland.

This merger is a meeting of minds of two horse welfare charities who each provide rescue, sanctuary, rehabilitation and where possible rehoming for animals in need. Mountains are seeking a secure future after thirty years of dedicated welfare work, and their Trustees have been working with Redwings Trustees and Chief Executive to ensure their horses, donkeys and staff can join the Redwings family. It is anticipated that the merger will be concluded officially within the next two weeks.

Redwings Chief Executive Lynn Cutress said: “We are absolutely thrilled to merge with Mountains Animal Sanctuary. As with any merger, the devil is in the detail and we would like to thank their staff and ours who have all been so supportive throughout and are excited about what the future holds".

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Redwings in Action

09 July 2014 by Redwings Press Office

Spotlight on equine crisis

Redwings features in ITV Wales programme highlighting charities on the frontline of the current horse welfare crisis.

Indiscriminate breeding, falling value and rising costs to owners have led to a welfare disaster, as highlighted in a television report by Wales This Week. The programme explores the subsequent immense pressure placed on equine charities like us in helping the ever-increasing number of horses and ponies in need.

Unfortunately, we are not unaccustomed to rescuing large numbers of abandoned, neglected and emaciated horses from Welsh common land and without regulation of equine identification, it is increasingly difficult to bring owners to account. Nevertheless, our resources are stretched to breaking and capacity for housing neglected horses is limited – we currently provide direct care for over 1,300 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules.

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26 June 2014 by Redwings Press Office

Somewhere over the Rainbows..

Oxhill Visitor Centre welcomes a troop of Rainbows for a day of fun, learning and lots of horsey cuddles.

On 14th June, our Warwickshire-based Visitor Centre opened its doors to 223 Rainbows aged between five and seven years old. A day of art, sports, music and meeting the Redwings residents lay ahead of the troops of youngsters – all of whom had horse-themed “herd” names, such as Princess Ponies and Happy Tails.

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17 June 2014 by Redwings Press Office

Introducing Pepper the donkey

Excitement for new arrival to Redwings’ Caldecott Visitor Centre.

This June, we have welcomed the adorable Pepper into our donkey-fold. Pepper was signed over into our care having been bullied when living with a group of horses. Knowing the importance of donkey companions to Pepper, her kind owner was very concerned for the little donkey’s wellbeing and so asked Redwings for help.

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Equestrian Social Media Awards 2014 Winner

We are delighted (and so proud!) to announce that we have won the Judges' Choice for Best use of Social Media in the UK and Ireland at the Equestrian Social Media Awards!!

Thank you to everyone who contributes photos, videos and stories of our residents which we can share through social media.

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Equine Crisis Update

Equine Crisis Update

We are in the middle of an equine crisis situation in the UK, find out how you can help!

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