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Redwings is the UK's largest horse sanctuary, caring for over 1,500 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules every day. Our work is funded solely by donations and with your help we can give these animals the best possible care so they can eventually be rehomed or enjoy a home for life at the Sanctuary.

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Redwings Top Story

01 July 2015 by Redwings Press Office

Crumpet's amazing journey from rescue to rosettes!

The horrors of Crumpet’s previous life are a distant memory as she finds a loving new home through our rehoming programme.

In 2011, we helped rescue Crumpet and 65 other horses, ponies and donkeys from a farm in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. The animals had been found in appalling conditions, without food, water or bedding, and were literally starving to death. They were also suffering from worms, overgrown hooves and the highly infectious respiratory disease strangles. Redwings took in 23 of the horses and named them after breakfast items – so they're now known as ‘The Breakfast Club’.

Welsh pony Crumpet was very underweight when she arrived at our Reception Centre in Norfolk and was suffering from the fungal infection ringworm. Fortunately, she didn’t have strangles, but some of her Breakfast Club companions were required to spend an extended period of time in quarantine until they were clear of the disease. Once she was out of quarantine, Crumpet settled in well to Sanctuary life with her Breakfast Club field mates – including a little foal named Waffle, who looked up to five-year-old Crumpet as a surrogate mum.

Despite her difficult start in life, Crumpet is amazingly friendly and because of her sweet nature, she was soon identified as an ideal candidate for our Guardianship Scheme. As part of her training, Crumpet spent many months gradually getting used to being ridden.

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Redwings in Action

19 June 2015 by Redwings Press Office

Can you help Tilbury?

We are appealing for information about an abandoned cob colt found suffering from a painful skin condition in Thurrock, Essex.

The young cob, Tilbury – so named after the place he was discovered – is estimated to be 18 months old and was found on Wednesday 27th May with a severe skin condition, which meant he had lost a lot of hair on his face and body, and was covered in sores. Initially, our Senior Field Officer Jo Franklin put notices on his tether and feed bucket with hope of an owner coming forward, but sadly to no avail.

The following day Tilbury was taken into the care of the Sanctuary, having been found let off his tether and roaming around the Old Chadwell school site, along with several other ponies.


16 June 2015 by Redwings Press Office

Urging horse owners to speak out on strangles

In the light of our recent strangles outbreak, we’re inviting horse owners to learn more and speak out about the equine disease at a veterinary seminar at Redwings Aylsham, Norfolk.

In February this year, we reported two identified cases of strangles at our Piggots farm in Norfolk. Strangles, a highly contagious infection of the upper respiratory tract (nose and throat), spreads rapidly through contact with infected mucus, either directly between horses or indirectly with contaminated objects, such as feed and water containers.

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09 June 2015 by Redwings Press Office

Historic ‘deathbed gift’ legacy case – decision overturned

Redwings Horse Sanctuary and Chilterns Dog Rescue Society have expressed their delight and relief after an historic decision in the Court of Appeal in a landmark legacy case.

The Court of Appeal has today (June 9th 2015) overturned the High Court judgment in the case of King v Dubrey & Others [2014], which had allowed for a passing statement made by a deceased lady to her nephew regarding her property to override her formally made Will.

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Equestrian Social Media Awards 2014 Winner

We are delighted (and so proud!) to announce that we have won the Judges' Choice for Best use of Social Media in the UK and Ireland at the Equestrian Social Media Awards!! Thanks for your votes!

Equine crisis update
Equine Crisis Update

Stop the scourge

The Control of Horses Bill (England) came into force on 26 May 2015. Find out more about the Act and how you have helped here!


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