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Redwings Top Story

13 October 2014 by Redwings Press Office

Sad loss of much-loved Adoption Stars

We are very sorry to announce that former Adoption Stars Prince and Katy passed away at the end of September.

Prince came to Redwings in 2008 from a nature reserve where he had lived after retiring from working as a log-pulling horse. Once at the Sanctuary, he went to live at our Caldecott visitor centre near Great Yarmouth, where his gentle and friendly nature – and love of pulling funny faces – made him a hugely popular Adoption Star.

In autumn 2013, Prince had a flare-up of recurrent problems with his left hind leg, which we think were caused by all the hard work he did in his log-pulling days. Because of this, he retired from the Adoption Club and came to live at Redwings HQ in Norfolk. Tests showed that he had osteoarthritis in several joints and mild arthritis, but his problems weren’t necessarily caused by this so no definitive cure could be found. All we could hope for was to keep him comfortable for as long as possible.

However, in recent weeks it became clear that Prince was relapsing; he was leaning heavily to one side and there was a high risk that he could collapse at any moment, which would have caused him a great deal of pain and distress. Our vets increased his medication in the hope that he would rally round, but sadly his condition did not improve and the heartbreaking decision was made to put him to sleep to ensure he did not suffer.

Similarly, Katy came to Redwings in 1996 after her owners did not give her the care she required; she had a painful cut that had been left untreated and had been fed a bizarre diet of onions and yoghurt. At Redwings, she received the veterinary treatment she needed and soon joined our Adoption Club at Redwings Stonham in Suffolk, and then Redwings Ada Cole in Essex where her gorgeous looks and sweet nature won the hearts of thousands of visitors over the many happy years she spent with us.

Like many of our elderly residents, Katy began to suffer from arthritis as she got older. Arthritis is a progressive condition that can never be cured, so all we could do was manage Katy’s symptoms with regular check-ups and medication to keep her pain-free for as long as possible.

Katy retired from her adoption duties in spring 2014 so that she could enjoy the quiet life in the summer sunshine, but sadly she recently showed increased signs of stiffness and it became clear that our vets could not do any more to keep her comfortable. Therefore, the very upsetting decision was made to put her to sleep.

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Redwings in Action

03 October 2014 by Redwings Press Office

Justice for Aslan

A horse has been secured a permanent home at Redwings after his owners were convicted of numerous animal welfare offences.

On Thursday 2nd October, David Bickell was sentenced to a four-month prison sentence and given a 15-year ban from keeping all animals having previously pleaded guilty to a number of offences under the Animal Welfare Act. His son, William Bickell, who is 17, received a six-month referral order and was asked to pay £100 in costs.

The pair admitted to causing unnecessary suffering to animals kept at their Norfolk-based farm and among the neglected animals found by Trading Standards officers – which ranged from pigs and cattle, to dogs, horses and donkeys – was an Arab stallion called Aslan.

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24 September 2014 by Redwings Press Office

We pay tribute to Laddy

We have some very sad news to share with you. At the grand age of 36 years old, Redwings’ oldest horse resident, Laddy, passed away on Thursday 18th September.

The beautiful palomino Thoroughbred had been suffering from a heart condition that had become progressively worse, so the very difficult decision was made to put him to sleep to ensure that he did not suffer.

As you may remember, Laddy arrived at Redwings in July 2010 with his companion Ermine and was extremely underweight. He was suffering from severe dental problems caused by poor diet and a lack of regular dental treatment, and as a result he was unable to graze properly.

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05 September 2014 by Redwings Press Office

Rare breed bonanza at Redwings!

Within the space of two days last week we welcomed two sets of very rare breed equines into the Sanctuary. We are thrilled to announce that two extremely rare Suffolk Punches have arrived at one of our centres in Norfolk, while Redwings Oxhill in Warwickshire has just greeted four French Poitou donkeys, including two foals.

Wilf and Stanley (pictured above), two Suffolk Punch geldings, were rescued by our Field Officer Julie Harding and World Horse Welfare’s Jacko Jackson from a site in Norfolk after they had been found being kept in a tiny barn. Wilf was suffering from severe sweet itch that had caused the majority of his mane to fall out, while both had very poor feet that had not been trimmed in some time.

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