Education and Events Assistant

To assist Redwings Horse Sanctuary by providing your time to help with the setting up of Redwings’ stands at a series of external events and work with Redwings staff to be an ambassador for Redwings, engaging with the members of the public who visit the stand.

Redwings attends a series of external events throughout the year including, but not limited to, the Royal Norfolk Show, the Aylsham Show, Countryfile Live, Your Horse Live and Olympia International Horse Show. We attend these events to raise Redwings’ profile and increase awareness of our work, as well as educating people with our expertise in horse welfare, recruiting supporters and generating income.

We also host our own Redwings events, such as the Redwings Show and Redwings Hapton Open Day, and you could provide support in a variety of ways to help ensure a successful event. We also have a vacancy at our Redwings Aylsham Visitor Centre. 

Below is a description of the type of tasks that you may undertake during your placement;


  • Assist with preparing materials for an event and their transportation to the event location. 
  • Assist with the setting up (and dismantling) of the Redwings stand, including merchandise and promotional material.
  • During the event, talking to members of the public about Redwings’ work, including promoting our Adoption Scheme, our visitor centres and our Guardianship scheme, as well as our frontline welfare work. 
  • If appropriate to the event, assist with activities on the stand.
  • Helping people to complete Redwings ‘sign-up’ forms to enable them to hear more from the charity (subject to necessary GDPR training).
  • Acting as a steward or marshal at Redwings’ own events, in particular the Redwings Show. 
  • Due to the additional training required the tasks that would not be expected as part of the role include equine handling and transportation and money handling.

All volunteers must be sympathetic to and able to project the philosophy and concept of equine welfare; supporting a charity, and Redwings values.

Redwings Horse Sanctuary is very much a community and all volunteers are encouraged to be part of its day to day life.

All volunteers must take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and others who may be affected by their actions.

If you’re interested in this role, please fill in the application below and send it to or post to us at:

Volunteering Coordinator, Redwings Horse Sanctuary, Hapton, Norwich, NR15 1SP