Adopt a horse or donkey for Easter

Alternative Easter gifts

Are you looking for a unique gift to give a loved one this Easter? Perhaps a healthier option than the usual chocolate egg?

Easter is a celebration of new life and what better way to honour this special time of year than by helping to give a happy and healthy life to one of our amazing Adoption Stars?!

If you have a family member or friend who adores animals or has always yearned to own their horse or donkey, this is the ideal alternative gift.

A year’s adoption costs just £12.50, and every penny goes directly towards the daily care of their chosen Adoption Star while your loved one will be able to visit their new friend for free as many times as they like. They will even receive an invitation to their Adoption Star’s birthday party too!

Once you’ve sponsored an Adoption Star, your loved one will receive a stunning A5 photo of their new friend, their rescue story and a special certificate.

Would you prefer a digital option? Then you can choose the ‘online’ version and get a year’s access to the Adoption Star’s personal blog (they’re very clever these horses and donkeys!) with exclusive pictures, videos and even the chance to help care for them in their virtual stable.

The only problem is deciding who to choose! Finding that perfect Easter present begins by clicking here.