Celebrate with birthday boy Rumpel!

Redwings Adoption Star Rumpel

Everyone is invited to Redwings Oxhill on Sunday 10th July to join in a special event for Adoption Star Rumpel!

Lovely Rumpel, who came to Redwings in 2008 following one of the largest and most harrowing rescues in our history, will be celebrating turning nine years old with a party - and he’s looking forward to seeing you there for plenty of cuddles!

Find out what we have planned by viewing his party activity schedule here.

It’s hard to believe this handsome chap was one of almost 100 horses and donkeys who were rescued from the horrific conditions of Spindle Farm in Buckinghamshire.

Sadly some had already passed away before we arrived while others were so weak they were barely able to stand. Rumpel was just six months old at the time of the rescue and was so scared of human contact, he flinched at being stroked.

But after extensive rehabilitation, Rumpel recovered well from his terrible ordeal, and his friendly and confident character soon made him stand out as the perfect Adoption Star!

His birthday party will kick-off at 11am when Rumpel will be treated to a lovely groom before he gets the chance to parade in front of his supporters, enjoy lots of cuddles and tuck into a delicious cake. There will also be a quiz trail and party games to play!

After all that excitement, why not take the time to meet some of Redwings Oxhill’s 90 other rescued residents and then put your feet up with a cuppa and a slice of cake in our Nosebag cafĂ©?

To find out more about Rumpel and how to adopt him, click here.