Redwings Strangles Survey Results

We’re delighted to share the basic data analysis of the responses to the Redwings Strangles Survey (April – June 2016).

As part of our #SpeakOutOnStrangles campaign, the strangles survey was developed to understand horse owners’ perceptions of the disease and their current approach to infectious disease prevention and control.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part - an incredible 4700 of you in total!

Our full report including more interpretation of the results, key findings and analysis in collaboration with the University of Liverpool will be launched in the New Year. However in the meantime you can download a summary report here and see the basic data analysis below.

Please note that the charts presented in this report are the descriptive statistics (basic) from the data we collected from the ‘completed’ survey responses only - of which we had over 2000. Partially completed survey responses have not been included.

Thanks again to all the respondents who took part in our survey! Please share the results widely and continue to support our campaign to #StampOutStrangles.

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