Autumn 2021 prize draw: Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our Autumn 2021 prize draw:

1st Prize - £3,000 - Mrs M, Hexham

2nd Prize - £1,500 - Mrs T, Eye

3rd Prize - £500 - Mrs P, Leeds

Twenty-five runner-ups also won goodie bags full of Redwings gifts.

We hope you all enjoy your prizes and thank you for taking part to help ponies in need, just like Harefield, who was the face of our Autumn appeal.

In November 2019, 23 horses came to Redwings from a site that claimed to be operating as an animal sanctuary but where they were found to be living in horrendous conditions.

The horses, including Harefield, were in varying states of poor physical health but because so many of them had had their behavioural needs neglected for a long time, they were fearful of any human contact.

Thanks to the patience of our Behaviour team, Harefield's life has been transformed. She no longer feels anxious around people so the farrier can safely trim her feet and she is relaxed with the routine vaccinations and dental treatments that she needs. 

It’s through your support, such as selling and purchasing our raffle tickets, that we can feed our herds, keep our Behaviour Centre running and continue to provide a place of sanctuary for every one of our residents, including Harefield.

If you do not receive tickets but would like to, or if you would like us to send you some more, email or call 01508 481000.