Autumn 2020 prize draw: Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our autumn 2020 prize draw:

1st Prize - £3,000 - Mrs W, Wisbeach

2nd Prize - £1,500 - Mrs B, Bedford

3rd Prize - £500 - Mrs P, Alford

Twenty-five runner-ups also won goodie bags full of Redwings gifts.

We hope you all enjoy your prizes and thank you for taking part to help horses in need, just like Audrey, who was the face of our autumn appeal.

Audrey spent five years receiving intensive treatment at our Horse Hospital for the hoof condition canker. Thanks to the perseverance of our vet team and carers, Audrey was finally discharged at the beginning of this year and able to rejoin a herd.

Here's the emotional moment when Audrey was introduced to her new fieldmates.

It’s through your support, such as selling and purchasing our raffle tickets, that we can fund the running of our Horse Hospital and highly-skilled vet team.

If you do not receive tickets but would like to, or if you would like us to send you some more, email or call 01508 481000.