Celebrate with mule-ficent Muffin

Muffin the mule

Adoption Star mule Muffin will be celebrating his 29th birthday at Redwings Caldecott on Sunday 17th April – and everyone is invited!

It’s hard to believe handsome Muffin was due to be sold for slaughter before he was rescued with his mum and came to live with Redwings as a youngster in 1987.

Muffin has been a favourite with supporters ever since, so we think he deserves a special party to celebrate his big day!

From 11.30am, you’ll be able to watch Muffin enjoy a pampering groom, get to give him lots of cuddles during his parade, play party games, and see the birthday boy scoff a special cake, made just for him.

While you’re there, why not take a stroll around the centre and get to know some of Muffin’s horsey and donkey friends? Then finish off your day with a warm cuppa and a slice of cake in our Nosebag cafĂ©.

To find out more about Muffin and how you can adopt him, click here. We look forward to seeing you at his party!