Get your Young Redwings and Mini Reds magazines!

Young Redwings

While your little ones were enjoying the summer holidays, we were putting the finishing touches to the latest issues of our Young Redwings and Mini Reds magazines for them!

Mini Reds and Young Redwings are sent out twice a year and the best bit is that they are completely free to receive.

Mini Reds is an activity book for supporters aged three to seven and is packed full of stories, fun horsey games and puzzles. And in the next issue we show you how to make your own horse sock puppets!

For 8-16 year olds, Young Redwings magazine has all the latest news from the Sanctuary plus quizzes, collectible fact files, competitions, fundraising ideas and loads more!

Inside the next issue you can find out all about our newest residents including an adorable foal named Stardust! We also have a foal special in our “Red’s Shed” feature, which is full of fascinating facts about our youngest residents. Finally, take our Adoption Star quiz to find out if you are most like Arya, Poppy or Tinkerbell and test your horsey knowledge with our coat colour challenge!

If you don’t already receive Mini Reds or Young Redwings, click here to sign up.