Changing the lives of Attina and her friends

Attina was one of a group of eight ponies, each suffering from the awful effects of neglect, when we brought her into our care in late February.

She was terribly underweight, with long, overgrown hooves that made standing painful. We were able to get close to her, and we could see that coarse forage had become caught in gaps between Attina’s teeth which had led to food becoming impacted in her gums, resulting in infection.

Today, Attina has a safe, comfortable home for the rest of her life.

How you make change possible

With your help we can continue to care for residents like recent arrivals Attina and her friends, Arista, Ariel, Melody, Aquata, Andrina and Adella.

It is thanks to your support that our dedicated team was able to step forward and take the life-changing actions needed to ensure they now have a better life with us here at Redwings.

Our care will change lives

Each of these ponies led a life that for a long time was shaped by pain and illness. Today they have the security of a safe home and people around them to ensure the specialist care each requires is given to them whenever it is needed.

I want to help change the lives of Attina and her friends

You can donate online below, or text ATTINA 20 to 70085 to donate £20. All texts cost the donation amount plus a standard rate message.

Your donation will be used to fund the general activities of Redwings Horse Sanctuary, including the rescue and care of ponies like Attina and her friends.

Thank you.

Changing the lives of Attina and her friends

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