Help them trust again

In September 2016, 20-year-old mare Bella and her son Charlie were found locked away in a dark barn, standing in their own muck and surviving only on scraps and rotting vegetables. Their rescue is one we will never forget. And sadly, for Bella, she too will likely never entirely forget her fear of humans.

The neglect that Bella suffered left her terrified of people; she would run even at the sight of us in the early days after her rescue. Sadly, Charlie had picked up some of his mum’s fears too. Now, more than three years after entering our Sanctuary, Bella and Charlie have physically recovered from their ordeal. But the emotional scars still run deep.

With your support, we can help ponies like Bella learn to trust again.

Bella and Charlie now live at Redwings’ dedicated Behaviour Centre, where our staff provide the specialist care and training they need to help them learn to trust humans again.

Helping traumatised ponies like Bella and Charlie takes a great deal of time and understanding. But each small breakthrough in their training gives us hope of a brighter, happier future for them.

We will never forget the day that Charlie first let his trainer touch him, or the time that Bella finally decided to join us in the training yard. We never gave up on them.

In the below video, Charlie is shown learning how to wear a headcollar, to stand still and be calm around humans. The second video is of Bella being encouraged to approach her carers, a stage it has taken over three years to reach.

At a time of such uncertainty, Bella and Charlie’s story gives us great hope of triumph over adversity. But Bella, and others like her, still need your help.

Bella’s fears and past traumas mean she will always live at our Behaviour Centre, where we can give her the consistency and predictability she needs. She will always have the love and care of people who understand her needs. We rely on public donations to run this life-changing facility. Without it, many horses and donkeys in desperate need would have nowhere to go.

Please donate today to help us turn around the lives of traumatised ponies like Bella.

You can donate online below, or text TRUST 20 to 70450 to donate £20 (you can also opt to give any amount – whole £s only – up to £20). All texts cost the donation amount plus a standard rate message.

Thank you.

Your donation will be used wherever it is needed most, including helping to sfund the care and training of rescued horses and donkeys at our Behaviour Centre.

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