Special care in summer

Have you met Amigo and Arizona?

Summer is almost here and for many of us it’s a time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. But at Redwings, the warmer weather sees the start of an intensive period of care for some of our most special residents.

‘Special care’ is something we often talk about in winter. And it’s true that cold and wet weather can be tough for many of our residents. But for others, like Amigo (pictured above), it is the summer months that are the real challenge.

The shocking pictures from soon after Amigo’s rescue show painful burns and blisters caused by a condition called photosensitization. Unless carefully protected, Amigo’s skin can burn easily, even on a spring day. Our care teams will be on hand to provide everything he needs – from an extra strong sun block (which we buy just for him!) to his own special protective UV rug and visor.

Main - Amigo appeal May 2019.jpg

Amigo after his rescue

And it’s not just Amigo we’re dedicating extra time to this summer. With summer a peak time for midges, Arizona needs lots of our time and help to manage her severe allergy to midge bites. Her skin treatments alone cost around £100 every month.

Can you help us this summer?

The next few months will be demanding for Amigo and Arizona’s carers – but we believe it is worth it to give these horses the lives they deserve, and we know you will too.

By donating to Redwings today, you can help these special horses continue enjoying life in our Sanctuary this summer, and all year round. Thank you.

Main - Arizona appeal May 2019.jpg

Arizona wears a special rug throughout the summer

Your donation will be used wherever it is needed most in the Sanctuary and will help to fund the ongoing care of all our residents, including Amigo and Arizona.

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