A special wish for Willow

Redwings is a special place for older horses. We offer a lifelong home to every one of our residents, providing a calm and caring place of sanctuary for rescued horses and ponies to live out their days.

With our extensive experience of caring for horses of all ages and backgrounds, Redwings is able to offer the extra love, patience and understanding that many older horses need to cope with age-related ailments.

All of this is thanks to you, our supporters.

With your help today we can continue providing the extra love and care our older residents need – just like little grey pony Willow, who having just turned 42 is our oldest resident!

Like many of our older residents, Willow needs extra care for her diet, as her aged teeth mean she cannot grind harder food. We soak her food for her and weigh her regularly to ensure she is always getting the right amount to eat. Her teeth need to be checked by a vet more frequently than some of our younger ponies, but Willow is so good during her check-ups and when she is handled by our team. In fact, because she is so calm, Willow helps other more nervous ponies to feel confident around our care team. What a special girl she is!

Sweet and gentle Willow continues to live happily alongside her friends at our HQ, where she is part of a group of older horses, all with special dietary needs. Caring for these, and our other older residents, requires time, patience and understanding from our teams – but we think they are worth it!

Please help us care for these wonderful golden oldies by donating today.

You can donate online below, or text WILLOW 20 to 70085 to donate £20 (you can also opt to give any amount – whole £s only – up to £20). All texts cost the donation amount plus a standard rate message.

Thank you.

*Your donation will be used wherever it is needed the most and it could help to fund the ongoing care of all our residents, including our older horse and donkey herds

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