A lifeline for Dotty

Poor donkey Dotty was found with hooves so overgrown that she was in extreme pain and had difficulty walking. Her suffering could have been easily prevented with some basic care.

It is heart-breaking to see a horse or donkey, like Dotty, that has suffered at the hands of humans. But thanks to public support, Redwings has been able to offer a safe and loving home to Dotty and hundreds of other horses and donkeys that needs us.

Dotty came to Redwings shortly after being rescued by the RSPCA in February 2018, but it is only recently that we have been able to share her story. Like so many neglected and abandoned horses we care for, we had to remain silent about Dotty’s story until the successful prosecution of her former owner in September 2018.

After her rescue, Dotty was treated at a veterinary practice before continuing her recovery at Redwings Ada Cole in Essex. She now has a safe, forever home with Redwings and will never have to fear pain or neglect again.

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Dotty's overgrown hooves had left her in extreme pain

Your gift today can help us care for Dotty and others like her.

Redwings is 100% funded by public donations, which means we rely on our supporters to help us care for our rescued horses and donkeys. Please give what you can today: a gift of just £10 can help pay for a day’s care in our Sanctuary for a donkey like Dotty.*

Your donation today could be a lifeline for a horse or donkey in need tomorrow. Thank you.

*Your donation will be used wherever it is needed most in the Sanctuary, including helping to fund the ongoing care of our rescued horses and donkeys.

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