Our vet team fights to save Phoenix

Little Phoenix was just seven weeks old when he arrived at our Horse Hospital. He had suffered terribly when the stable he was in was set alight during an apparent arson attack.

His rescuers helped ensure that Phoenix received help from a vet straight away. Poor Phoenix had burns across one whole side of his body resulting in him losing most of his foal hair and his mane, and leaving him with incredibly painful sores.

It was clear Phoenix needed to be somewhere that could provide long-term intensive care, as well as a new permanent home. We funded his treatment at Lingfield Equine Vets where he received his initial care, and once he was strong enough to cope well with the journey, was he carefully transported to the Redwings Horse Hospital by our team.

Phoenix is currently receiving round-the-clock care in the ICU stables at Redwings, and a mare named Mildred, who is a permanent resident at the Sanctuary, has been housed in the neighbouring stable to provide him with company and hopefully act as his foster mother.

Our Horse Hospital treats newly arrived horses and residents year round, each with unique needs. The dedicated care that the vets and nurses can provide will be essential to Phoenix’s chances of making a full recovery.

Your donation today can help give rescued horses like Phoenix the treatment they desperately need in our Horse Hospital.

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Your donation will be used where it is needed most to support the care of Phoenix and other Redwings’ residents.

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Help our vets give Phoenix the fighting chance he deserves

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