Urgent hay appeal

Hundreds of horses, ponies and donkeys in our care need to be fed and urgently need your help.

We have been forced to use extra supplies of hay during recent weeks. Much of our land has become waterlogged, and many of our horses are heavy-footed cobs which means the rain, and now snow, makes foraging (giving horses hay) even more vital. The dry conditions of last year meant we produced less of our own hay, and the hay we had to buy cost even more than usual.

Your gift will be used to buy hay that will help our residents through the rest of the winter, until they can enjoy the spring grass when it arrives.

It's vital that we can continue to give every horse, pony and donkey in our care a comforting, nourishing home - please donate today. A gift of £25 will buy enough hay to feed a Redwings resident for two weeks.

Thank you.

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