Emergency Care appeal

Phoenix, Ginny and Apple were each desperate for help. We gave them the emergency care that gave them a chance.

Emergency cases happen without warning. With your support we will be ready to treat horses who urgently need our help.


Donate to the Emergency Care appeal

Phoenix suffered extensive, life-threatening burns across the whole left side of his body. Sadly, little Phoenix lost his fight on 19th October after eight weeks of intensive care. But thanks to your support, we were able to give him the best chance of survival.

Ginny became ill with severe colic, and urgently required surgery to save her life. After the complex operation at the Redwings Horse Hospital, she needed a whole month of treatment before she was able to leave intensive care and restart her life.

Apple developed an eye ulcer, posing a real risk that she would lose her sight. With the fast action and commitment from the entire vet team, Apple received liquid medicine to her eye 12 times throughout each day and night, plus months of veterinary care, to relieve the pain and save her sight.

The horses, ponies and donkeys in our care receive specialist treatment whenever they need it as our vets and nursing team are always ready to respond. Your support plays a vital role helping us deal with emergencies and carry out intensive care, day after day. Sadly, not every patient will pull through, but your support helps us give them the chance they deserve to survive.

This appeal fund will be used to help fund emergency and daily care for all the horses and donkeys at Redwings’, and to pay lasting tribute to those who sadly lost their fight.