Special care for donkeys this Christmas

Donkeys hold a special place in our hearts at Redwings. Because of their complex needs, our stable door is always open for a donkey in need.

From extra warm coats (known as rugs) to nutritious feeds and constant companionship, our lovable donkeys are sensitive souls needing lots of special care, particularly in winter. Thankfully at Redwings, our dedicated staff know the individual needs of each and every donkey in the Sanctuary.

This Christmas, your support can help ensure donkeys like Lulu, Del Boy and Derek receive the very best winter care…

  • Older donkey Lulu needs more frequent dental checks and finds it difficult to chew long food. This winter she will be tucking into soaked hay and special short fibre food. A donation of £4 could pay for Lulu’s dinners for a week.
  • With hooves that absorb water, donkeys are particularly susceptible to foot problems in winter, when damp and bacteria can get deep inside their feet. A donation of £10 could fund the head to hoof winter care of one of our donkeys for a day.
  • Sensitive soul Derek needs lots of special care in winter, including special feed to help him maintain his weight and rugs to keep him warm and dry. A donation of £35 could pay for a soft rug to keep a donkey like Derek snuggly and warm all night.

Whatever you can give this Christmas, your donation will help to keep our herds braying with health and happiness all winter long, thank you!

The examples above are only a snapshot of the complex care needs of our donkeys. Your donation is used wherever it is needed most in the Sanctuary and will help to fund the ongoing care of all our residents, including our lovable donkey herds.

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