Helping horses like Harefield trust again

In November 2019, 23 horses came to Redwings from a site that claimed to be operating as an animal sanctuary but where they were found to be living in horrendous conditions.

The horses were in varying states of poor physical health but because so many of them had had their behavioural needs neglected for a long time, they were fearful of any human contact.

Meeting Harefield for the first time

Although Harefield showed signs of being handled in the past, she initially had a very negative reaction to contact with her trainer, Claire. Putting her ears back and pulling faces at even the slightest touch, engaging with Harefield was very challenging.

Claire started to use a clicker and food treats to reward Harefield each time she made progress in her handling. Harefield began to understand the questions her trainer was asking of her and became more and more interested in contact and, in time, more interested in learning.

Having learned to trust first Claire and, more recently new handlers, today Harefield leads a very different life. She has gained a sense of security. Harefield no longer feels anxious around people so the farrier can safely trim her feet and she is relaxed when given the routine vaccinations and dental treatments that she needs.

Helping a horse to trust us, can change its life.

Please donate to Redwings today to help many more horses like Harefield learn that people can be a source of kindness and can be trusted.

You can donate online below, or text TRUST 10 to 70085 to donate £10. All texts cost the donation amount plus a standard rate message.

Your donation will be used wherever it is needed most in the Sanctuary and will help to fund the ongoing care of all our residents, including Harefield.

Help horses like Harefield trust again

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