Help fund life-changing treatments at Redwings

Like all animals, our rescued horses and donkeys get poorly sometimes. When they do, our in-house team of trained vets and nurses are on hand to help them heal in our fully equipped Horse Hospital.

This autumn, can you help us raise funds for life-changing treatments for our horses?

Rescued horse Pixie (pictured above) has been a regular visitor to the Redwings Horse Hospital ever since she arrived at the Sanctuary in 2016. Pixie was found to have uveitis, an exceedingly painful inflammation of the eye. For some horses, uveitis gets better with treatment. But for Pixie, the relief was only temporary and the problem soon returned.

Despite regular visits to our vet team, Pixie’s eye problems continued. Eventually she was also diagnosed with ulcers and a cataract in the same eye. Each time Pixie’s uveitis returned, despite specialist treatment from her vet Dawn Trayhorn, her eye became even more sensitive and painful.

Earlier this year it became clear that Pixie’s condition was worsening and she had now lost sight in her right eye. Knowing that further flare-ups would cause Pixie more pain, our vets made the decision to operate to remove Pixie’s eye.

Redwings’ Head Veterinary Surgeon Nicky Jarvis performed the surgery in our Horse Hospital, alongside a team of nursing staff. Pixie needed lots of pain relief in the days after her operation before spending time recovering in a medical paddock. But just a month later, she was able to start enjoying life again. And living pain-free.

Pixie’s life-changing treatment at Redwings was funded by public donations. Thanks to your support she can continue living a happy and healthy life.

Please donate today to help other horses like Pixie. Thank you.

Text VET 10 to 70085 to donate £10 (you can also opt to give any amount – whole £s only – up to £20. All texts cost the donation amount plus a standard rate message.) 

Your donation will be used wherever it is needed most in the Sanctuary and will help to aid the treatment, recovery and care of Redwings residents.

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