Wiggins and Wacko's story

Adorable donkey duo Wiggins and Wacko arrived at Redwings in August 2012 within two days of each other. They came in as separate cases but both had loneliness in common. Wiggins was abandoned by his owner on a livery yard, leaving the landowner to care for him. When they began to struggle caring for him they approached Redwings and we offered him a home – it was around the time of a certain Olympic cyclist winning medals at London 2012, hence his name! Meanwhile poor Wacko lived alone with just his owner for company after the yard where he was living was forced to close. Donkeys need their friends and poor Wacko was very lonely with no donkey companion, so we offered him a home here at Redwings, and now they are the best of friends!

Wiggins and Wacko live at Redwings Aylsham, just north of Norwich, in Norfolk.

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