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Save The Survivors

In November 2013 we took part in our biggest ever rescue and even though the sanctuary was full we managed to pledge homes to over 100 of the survivors.

You saved their lives by helping us rescue them and bring them home. Now they need your help again as critical illness puts their lives at risk. Can you save them?

As if they hadn't suffered enough, survivors of our biggest ever rescue are succumbing to life-threatening illness and disease. The contagious and potentially fatal disease Strangles is rife amongst the herd and many of the newborn foals are infected. These vulnerable youngsters have no immunity to this terribly painful disease, and several have developed excruciating symptoms. Without special care they could die.

Phyllis (Above) is one of the lucky ones. She made it through her illness with the special care we are only able to provide thanks to supporters like you.

Can you help save the rest of the survivors?

Your gift, no matter how small, could save a life.

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Making a donation to Redwings will help us to continue caring for our residents and reach more horses in need of rescue, rehabilitation and sanctuary care throughout the UK.

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